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Zmiany dyrektywy o audiowizualnych usługach medialnych w świetle polityki Unii Europejskiej


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[5.7] Law

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EN Revision of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive in the light of European media policy

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Zarządzanie Mediami

Journal year: 2020 | Journal volume: T. 8 | Journal number: nr 4

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scientific article

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  • Akty prawne
  • Dyrektywa Unii Europejskiej
  • Komunikacja wizualna
  • Konwergencja mediów
  • Kultura audiowizualna
  • Media strumieniowe
  • Środki masowego przekazu
  • Technologie informacyjno-komunikacyjne (ICT)

EN The Audiovisual Media Services Directive, 2010/13/UE, due to development of convergence and dig­italization phenomena, has responded to the technological paradigm shift, thereby continuing the late 1980s standard of transfrontier television. The dramatic shift of all aspects of audiovisual sector which has occurred for the last decade, triggered the adoption of its revision on the 14th of Novem­ber, 2018 which creates a media framework for the 21st century. The aim of the article is to point out – within the frame of historical aspects of European media policy, including a digital single mar­ket impact – the wide spectrum of its implications, taking into consideration the dual – cultural and economic – status of audiovisual media services. Hence, the analysis of certain regulatory changes, concerning the following issues, ought to be mentioned: 1) the scope of the audiovisual media no­tion; 2) principles of jurisdiction; 3) independence of national media regulators; 4) promotion of European works; 5) requirements for audiovisual commercial communications; 6) consumer pro­tection. The presentation of the subject in the light of the regulation historical aspects allows to come to the certain conclusions regarding the political, economic, social and cultural feasible results of the mentioned changes and their impact on media organisation and management in the new audiovisual environment. Therefore, the legal approach is justified; the interpretation of the law with the sub­sidiary role of methodological trend of legal hermeneutics are applied. The undertaken subject is up-to-date. Moreover, it is needed to be notified as the Member States are obliged to implement the directive by the 19th of September, 2020.

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