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The Space Objects Re-Entry – Status and Challenges of International Regulatory Framework


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Teka Komisji Prawniczej / Polska Akademia Nauk. Oddział w Lublinie

Rocznik: 2021 | Numer: nr 1

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  • Policy
  • Re-entry
  • Satellite
  • Space debris
  • Space security

EN The basis of the international space regulatory framework relied on the United Nations Outer Space Treaty 1967. The purpose of the paper is to present and assess the current regulatory and legal framework with regards to space security re-entry risks. The particular regulation related to space debris and re-entry may be inferred from the basic international space law (UN space treaties). As surviving fragments originating from a particular space object (usually linked to the owner) may endanger people on the ground or operating aircraft, they are directly linked to the Liability Convention 1971. Therefore nations, international intergovernmental organizations, executive agencies, and non-governmental entities maintain their efforts to create and implement hard and soft laws. Those regulations concern the space environment and its challenges, such as the proliferation of space debris, the increasing activity of space operations, the emergence of mega constellations, and its effects on re-entry characteristics. The entire material included in this article comes from dedicated conferences and seminars about Space security and policy, legal documenttation, and literature review, which refer to re-entry in this subject. The research methods used in

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315 - 327

Opis fizyczny

: space security, re-entry, satellite, policy, space debris


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