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European Union Climate and Energy Policy Based on an Analysis of Issued Legal Acts


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  • Polityka energetyczna
  • Polityka klimatyczna
  • Prawo
  • Zielona gospodarka
  • Unia Europejska
  • Climate and energy policy
  • Energy sources
  • European Union
  • Green economy

EN The article presents the development of the European Union climate and energy policy based on issued legal acts. It shows the historic path of transition from fossil energy sources to the green economy in EU countries. The co-decision procedure under many EU legal instruments was discussed. The article contains an analysis the most important legal acts and documents regarding EU climate and energy policy, which entered into force in the years 2007 - 2018. However, the main challenges for the development of the green economy in the EU are indicated in the perspective of 2030, for which specific values have been set to achieve in several fundamental planes. Strategic goals are recognized until 2050. The article presents the complexity of the issue resulting from the different economic and political strategies of many EU Member States despite the general agreement to create a more competitive, sustainable and safer from an energy point of view, green European economy.

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600 - 609


Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on European Integration 2020

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The 5th International Conference on European Integration 2020, 3-4.12.2020, Ostrava, Czechy

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