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Conditions for Employment of Talented People - Talent Management


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EN The main objective of the research presented in the article was to diagnose the selection of talented people for organizations. The conducted research was of a pilot nature. This article attempts to define the term "talent" based both on the literature on management sciences and on the respondents’ opinion. There is also described a model concept of "talent". In the described studies, the factors determining the employment of talented people were diagnosed. The factors influencing the acquiring of talented people to the organization in the opinion of respondents as well as barriers in the development of companies and problems regarding gaining employees and identifying talented people are described. Based on the analysis of research results, conclusions have been formulated that can be used in the design of "talent management" programs.

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Proceedings of the 34th International Business Information Management Association Conference (IBIMA), 13-14 November 2019, Madrid, Spain. Vision 2025: Education Excellence and Management of Innovations through Sustainable Economic Competitive Advantage

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34th International Business Information Management Association Conference, 13-14.11.2019, Madryt, Spain

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