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Social, economic and environmental aspects of military units’ presence in municipalities


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EN Summary: The article refers to the discussion on the impact of military units on the socio-economic situation, state of the natural environment and development of the territorial units in which they are located. Purpose: Taking into consideration that military units affect the socio-economic situation in municipalities to different degrees the goal of the studies was formulated as follows: how the inhabitants of selected municipalities perceive the presence of a military unit in the social, economy and environmental spheres and which factors affect this perception. Design/methodology/approach: In 2017, the inhabitants of five municipalities in Poland were asked for an opinion on the impact of the military unit on the socio-economic situation in their municipalities. The article contains the results of own analyses, which were carried out on the basis of data collected by ASM using the CATI method. Findings: The presence of military units in the municipalities is accepted by their inhabitants. The majority of the residents participating in the study assessed the presence of a military unit in the municipalities positively. In general, the relations between an individual and local entities are also perceived as positive. These results indicate acceptance of the military presence. Stationing of a military unit in municipalities creates both job places for residents and benefits for some companies because of the products supplied to the units, services provided for soldiers and their families, overhaul and construction works performed within the units, carried out by local companies as a result of tenders announced. The units also feed the budgets of the municipalities from taxes paid by them, which is very important for some of the regions.

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Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Management “People, Planet and Profit: Sustainable business and society”. Vol. 2

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9th International Conference on Management "People, Planet and Profit : Sustainable business and society", 13-14.06.2019, Gödöllő, Węgry

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