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CBDC - (Future) Central Bank Digital Currency?


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  • CBDC
  • Finance
  • Digital currency
  • Bank centralny
  • Gospodarka
  • Pieniądz elektroniczny
  • Płatności elektroniczne
  • Polityka pieniężna

EN Economic development, and above all technological development, contributed to the development of electronic money. In the last decade, the topic of cryptocurrencies has been the most discussed among the public. Added to this is the uncertain role of central banks or the stability of monetary policy threatened by cryptocurrencies. All these aspects are the basis of the idea of creating electronic currencies - Central Bank Digital Currency. CBDC is a new form of central bank money, different from cash and money available to selected entities (mainly banks) on accounts maintained at the central bank. CBDC can be introduced for retail payments (retail CBDC) and large- value payments (wholesale CBDC). Making CBDCs available to individuals and businesses can make a real difference. Like cash, this type of CBDC is expected to be widely available and acceptable for retail payments; it is intended to serve primarily as a medium of exchange and, to a lesser extent, as a store of value. It differs from cash not only in its digital form, but also in the possibility of programming, thanks to the use of automatic transaction execution after meeting the set conditions. The introduction of CBDC has serious consequences, including for the functioning of the banking system, financial stability, monetary policy or for the entire payment system. The main dilemma of central banks is the appropriate mechanism for introducing a CBDC that will meet the socio-economic needs, will be attractive to the consumer (i.e. cheap, fast, maximally safe and available to everyone), and at the same time will not threaten the stability of the two-tier banking system and will not disturb the competition in the payment services market. There is no doubt that it will be necessary to create a transparent legal framework for the introduction and continued operation of the CBDC in individual jurisdictions. To avoid unnecessary mistakes, some central banks are working together to develop the fundamental principles of CBDC issuance and the basic features of future payment systems for CBDCs.

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5th International CEO (Communication, Economics, Organization) Social Sciences Congress : Proceedings Book

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5th International CEO Social Sciences Congress, 9-11.12.2022, Dżakarta, Indonezja

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