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Activities for Cybersecurity as a Mission of Information Sharing and Analysis Centres


[ 1 ] Katedra Prawa Cyberbezpieczeństwa i Nowych Technologii, Instytut Prawa, Akademia Sztuki Wojennej | [ P ] employee

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[6.7] Law

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  • Cybersecurity
  • Cyber attack
  • Threat
  • Information
  • Bezpieczeństwo informacyjne państwa
  • Bezpieczeństwo teleinformatyczne

EN Today’s environment of cybersecurity threats poses a challenge that has never been greater before, and the need to ensure cybersecurity is particularly notable amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The increase in the number of sophisticated cyber attacks directed against governments and enterprises – in particular, public entities – has revealed the need to build cybersecurity strategies practically in every sphere of our lives. Organisations therefore need to protect themselves against cyber attacks in which the collected information is at the same time their primary source and target. Due to the increasing need for ensuring cybersecurity, the benefits that can be derived from joint actions seem obvious. However, the key element of such coordinated measures is information sharing and prompt response. Organisations operate better in a situation where threats are identified and described, if they are better informed about the perpetrators and the methods of attacks. Information Sharing and Analysis Centres are one of several tools used with a view to ensuring cybersecurity

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39 - 46



The Public Dimension of Cybersecurity

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