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Intrastate cultural and socio-political influences and the realisation of national security: A two-level correlational analysis


[ 1 ] Independent Researcher, Unaffiliated, Greece

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Security and Defence Quarterly

Journal year: 2021 | Journal volume: vol. 36 | Journal number: no. 4

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scientific article

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  • Culture
  • National security
  • Politics

EN This paper aims to examine how specific domestic social, political, and cultural motives impact national security agendas’ formation and implementation. The following assumptions drive this essay’s research rationale: Security-making processes are considered non-similar among states due to different domestic political processes, cultural discourses, and socialisation patterns. Therefore, national security agents are constantly being guided by various intrastate settings, which construct attitudes that are ultimately reflected upon policy formation and implementation through strategic behavioural manifestations. Thus, the realisation of national security is dependent on each state actor’s existent strategic culture, and given that, choices cannot be contemplated strictly under rationality. The methods of literature review and multi-layered analysis are applied throughout this study. In particular, this text’s reasoning is based on contextualisation, identification, categorisation of variables, and correlational implications. Concerning findings, the theoretical examination of the objects assessed provides adequate clarifications on the interaction among the domestic motives, decision-makers’ perspectives, and strategic cultural manifestations. Specifically, it was critically identified that the two last concepts may complementary function during security-making processes; hence, producing unique outcomes for each state actor. Consequently, this paper wishes to contribute by giving direction for future research and broader methodological implications on the role of intrastate socio-political and cultural motives as sources of strategic culture and determinants of national security-making attitudes; without ignoring that other factors can respectively affect the aforementioned schemes.

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