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Modern assumptions of the American ballistic missile defence system against the background of historical concepts and programmes


[ 1 ] Polish Naval Academy, Faculty of Command and Naval Operations

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Security and Defence Quarterly

Journal year: 2018 | Journal volume: vol. 22 | Journal number: no 5

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scientific article

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  • International security
  • Missile defence
  • NATO
  • Nuclear weapons
  • United States of America

EN he issue of missile defence has been present in American policy for over 70 years and is constantly subject to research and the search for new technologies. Nowadays, the proliferation of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, as well as the growing threat from the so-called “rogue states” have caused the inevitable development of the missile defence strategy. On the basis of historical programmes and the results of contemporary research, the concept of a Ballistic Missile Defence System was created. The system is based on the principles of indivisibility of the security of the Alliance and NATO solidarity, fair sharing of risk and burdens as well as taking on reasonable challenges. One of the components of the system is the European Phase Adaptive Approach, which was designed to protect American allies and resources in the European region from the growing rocket threat. This paper analyses the genesis of ballistic missile defence and what its development tendencies are. The article contains a presentation of the essence of the US Ballistic Missile Defence System, as well as its history and suspended programmes. The concept of multilayered defence has been outlined, as have the technical details of the system’s components and its location and operational status.

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