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Regulacja górnictwa kosmicznego w polskiej ustawie o działalności kosmicznej


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[5.7] Law

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Studia Iuridica

Journal year: 2021 | Journal volume: Tom 88

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scientific article

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  • Górnictwo
  • Prawo kosmiczne
  • Przestrzeń kosmiczna
  • Asteroid mining
  • Polish act on space activities
  • Space mining
  • Space resources

EN Regulation of space mining in the polish act on space activities Work on the content of the law on space activities has been going in Poland for several years. So far, the drafters have not directly referred to the issue of space mining in the content of the proposed legal act. In this context, it is worth asking whether it is valuable and permissible, in terms of international space law and EU law, to regulate in the future (Polish) law on space activity the matter of prospecting, acquiring and using space resources, i.e. so-called space mining. If space mining were regulated in the Polish space law, Poland would not be the first country to do so. The discussed issues have already been regulated in the national space legislation of the USA, Luxemburg, UAE and Japan. This paper will analyze the issues of space mining as expressed in the current drafts of the Polish space law and foreign space legislation, of space mining as a means of achieving various goals and of the compatibility of space mining with international space law and EU law.

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