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Participation of V4 countries in African peacekeeping missions


[ 1 ] Doctoral School for Safety and Security Sciences,Óbudai University, Népszínház utca 8, 1081 Budapest, Hungary

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Security and Defence Quarterly

Journal year: 2020 | Journal volume: vol. 29 | Journal number: no. 2

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scientific article

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  • Africa
  • Visegrad countries
  • Military cooperation
  • Peacekeeping operations
  • EU-Africa relations

EN The article explores the peacekeeping activities of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and the characteristics of their activities on the African continent. The paper examines the African peacekeeping missions carried out by Visegrád countries. The study uses comparative scientific literature and analysis of statements released by these governments and other papers and studies related to the African peacekeeping missions. In addition, I used my own experience from my previous African peacekeeping/peace support missions, and the lessons learned from other African operations published in my previous book about Hungarian peacekeeping missions. In summary, of the Visegrád states with differing levels of training and equipment, Poland was the most active in peace operations in Africa and in the lead, followed by the Czech Republic and Hungary, while Slovakia was the least involved in the African continent. This trend is, moreover, in line with the involvement of the above countries in Africa to date. Although these states cooperate in several areas, this is not the case for African peace operations, although cooperation in this area would be important. The research examines the background to the activities of the V4 countries in peace operations in Africa. The study is particularly important in view of the fact that, for a number of reasons (migration, terrorism), the V4 countries are preparing for greater engagement in Africa, one area of which is peace-support operations.

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