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Culture Functions for Creating Security Culture


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Security Dimensions

Rocznik: 2021 | Tom: vol. 37 | Numer: no. 37

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artykuł naukowy

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  • Culture
  • Education for safety
  • Internal security
  • Society

EN Publications on the issues of creating security culture are a valuable source of inspiration for research into the functions of culture. However, researchers generate different conclusions. They even suggest interdisciplinary consideration of facts, situations, phenomena and processes that take place in a complex security environment. This article is an answer to the main research question: what are the functions of the elements of culture for creating a security culture? Objectives: The research goal is to indicate selected definitions of culture and to identify the functions of culture for transformational changes in security culture. Moreover, the author, based on his knowledge and experience, gives examples of the implementation of these functions. Methods: The research process required the use of a critical analysis of the content of the literature, synthesis, abstraction, generalization, interpretation, analogy and comparison. Additionally, empirical case study methods and implicit participant observation were used. Results: The article contains selected definitions of culture with its components. The author presented the functions of culture for creating a high level of security culture. Conclusions: The research results show that the security culture is influencing by the following variables: intellectual culture, emotional potential and ethical culture.

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