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Issues of brand capital loss risk analysis


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Journal year: 2020 | Journal volume: vol. XXV | Journal number: nr 27 (2/2020)

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EN The article describes issues accompanying the analysis of the risk of brand capital loss resulting from risk assessment and the specificity of the subject of assessment. It was proposed to adopt a definition of risk as a feature of a situation in which it is possible to quantify threats. The research focused on considerations regarding possible approaches for a measurable indicator for the assessment of the level of risk based on conditions of relative market balance and lack of global threats to the industry of a given brand. The article proposed to modify the customer life-time value indicator to estimate the expected value of the customer's loss, as one of the indicators of brand capital loss. An example was provided showing the possibility of using a simplified customer decision model based on Markov processes to estimate changes in the probability of losing a customer over time.

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