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Long Term sustainability (LTS) of Outer Space Activities vis a vis Space Awareness


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Teka Komisji Prawniczej / Polska Akademia Nauk. Oddział w Lublinie

Journal year: 2019 | Journal volume: t. XII | Journal number: nr 2

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EN Space Awareness is one of the priorities for all operations in outer space. Space is the place for commercial and military activities. This article is about awareness of space in civilian and military context. Awareness is the topic of one of the guidelines adopted by COPUOS in June this year. For NATO Space Awareness domain (and also SSA) has been always crucial (keeping in mind that NATO does not own any satellite and depend on member states in this area), that is the reason why NATO put so much attention to space in its activities. Policy on Space support in operations made integration of Space into NATO’s core tasks as the priority. Civil and military cooperation seems to be unquestionable. Better leverage science and technology entities, foster communication with industry and relevant partners are the challenges for space awareness policy today. It must be agreed that States and international intergovernmental organizations (civil or military) as it was presented in the newly adopted by UN-LTS, should raise general public awareness of the important societal benefits of space activities and of the consequent importance of enhancing the long-term sustainability of outer space activities

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