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The Global Challenges of the 21st Century - Dysfunctional States and EU Security Problems (Selected Problems)


[ 1 ] Instytut Zarządzania, Wydział Zarządzania i Dowodzenia, Akademia Sztuki Wojennej | [ 2 ] Częstochowa University of Technology, Poland, Faculty of Management | [ P ] employee

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[5.6] Management and quality studies

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chapter in monograph / paper

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  • Fragile states
  • International security
  • Management
  • Bezpieczeństwo
  • Państwa dysfunkcyjne
  • Zarządzanie
  • Unia Europejska (UE)

EN The article entitled The Management of Dysfunctional States and Global Challenges of the 21st Century (UE Security Problems) is an attempt to analyse the impact of global phenomena on the development of the most important problems of the modern world. The issues undertaken in the article is as yet relatively modestly presented in the literature, especially in the aspect of specific cause and effect relationship between the raised issues. The research and literature analysis carried out in this paper aimed at the literature termination of the sources really determining today's problems of the international community, such as terrorism or illegal immigration, on which particular emphasis was put. In addition, the author has set himself a goal of drawing attention to the problems of the European Union countries, which are the consequence of the global phenomena described. From a methodological point of view, two research methods were implemented: the first one, based on the analysis of available literature and other studies in the field of discussed issues. And the second one, the essence of which was the formulation of conclusions based on the analysis of the results of studies already carried out, concerning the phenomena under analysis. As a result of the deliberations, it was possible to identify what is the source of threats to the contemporary, globalizing world. What's more, it successfully showed the changes that took place in the approach and the understanding of globalization processes that have taken place in the last 30 years (starting from the socio-political and economic transformation that began in 1989). In the second part of the study, it was also possible to identify what constitutes the greatest threat from dysfunctional states and, in a sense, provoke discussion on this subject. The occurring restrictions concerning the undertaken issues rely on the lack of comprehensive research and studies on the reaction of the international community (especially the European Union states) to the new challenges of the twenty-first century, which will be undoubtedly constituted by the issues of illegal immigration and problems related to the functioning of the so-called dysfunctional countries.

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3307 - 3315



Proceedings of the 33rd International Business Information Management Association Conference, IBIMA 2019 : Education Excellence and Innovation Management through Vision 2020

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33rd International Business Information Management Association Conference: Education Excellence and Innovation Management through Vision 2020, 10-11.04.2019, Granada, Hiszpania

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