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5th ABSTRACT BOOK International CEO (Communication, Economics, Organization) Social Sciences Congress


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EN We are delighted to introduce Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IPMI (IPMI - International Business School), Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Samarkand Branch of Tashkent University of Economics, International Vision University, Alfred Nobel University, International Gorazde University, Nişantaşı University, University of Prizren, Cyprus West University, Insec, NCM Publishing, CEO Tekmer, Universitas Bhayangkara, Knowledge Laboratory, Universitas Ghara Karya and Ostim Technical University served as the vehicle of dissemination for a showpiece of articles at the International CEO (Communication, Economics, Organization) Social Sciences Congress(CEO SSC 2022, Indonesia, Jakarta) that was held online on Dec 9-11, 2022. CEO Congress aims to provide a platform for discussing the issues, challenges, opportunities and findings of Communication, Economics, Organization and Social Science research. The organizing committee with feedback from the division chairs and the members of the scientific committee foresaw an opportunity and research gap in the conference theme, that pitches for pressing issues in the business world. Presentations are in Turkish & English & Indonesian. With the participation and contributions of academics from 34 countries: Argentina, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Philippines, Ghana, South Korea, Georgia, India, Iraq, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy,Japan, Cameroon, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, North Cyprus, Cuba, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Tanzania, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, New Zealand. It is a great privilege for us to present the Abstract Book of CEO SSC 2022 to the authors and delegates of the conference. Several manuscripts from prestigious institutions could not be accepted due to the reviewing outcomes and our capacity constraints. Participation from 155 different institutions or universities. The 3 days long conference gathered close to 445 national and international attendees to enliven a constellation of contributions. 199 papers of the 273 papers approved to present at the congress are outside of Turkey. 73% of the papers presented at the congress are from outside Türkiye. 5 awards were issued to distinguished papers, and a total of 273 oral presentations. On the day of completion of this journey, we are delighted with a high level of satisfaction and aspiration. It is important to offer our sincere thanks and gratitude to a range of organizations and individuals, without whom this year’s conference would not take place. This conference would have not materialized without the efforts of the contributing authors for sharing the fruit of their research and the reviewers for scrutinizing, despite their busy schedules. We also thank our members and colleagues who accepted the duty to participate in the Scientific Committee and for their valuable help in the screening, selecting, and recommending best contributions.

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NCM Publishing House

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  • Communication
  • Economics
  • Organization
  • Social sciences
  • Ekonomia
  • Gospodarka
  • Komunikacja
  • Nauki społeczne
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