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From Local It Support To Federated Mission Networking – Evolution Of NATO Approach To It Provision/Delivery


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Journal year: 2018 | Journal volume: vol. 2 | Journal number: issue 2

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  • NATO
  • Systemy informatyczne

EN Differences in approach to IT support within one of the most important organization is astonishing. Within less than two decades it had transformed from local support based on a local IT components and local policies of support as well as local standards throughout the one consolidated approach based on a best practices taken from commercial market – ITIL, where IT support started to be defined for a whole organization, services became clearly defined, used had become the most important in the chain of support, standards became common for the NATO – not for one Headquarter from NATO, finishing on a FMN – environment in which exchange of information within allied forces is possible in a real time… these are the most important changes taking place in front of our eyes. The approach to the IT support and usage had finally changed from situation in which IT was treated as some kind of a less important tool to improve the way of day-to-day work to the main solution/environment that gives possibility to rapidly improve the availability of knowledge everywhere it is needed in a time. That knowledge nowadays may mean thousands of lives of people if we take into consideration kind of activity that NATO is prepared for. Therefore, there is a strong need to keep the direction of implementation the latest solutions to permanently improve IT within military organization. That is also very interesting to take lessons learned from that kind of organizations and try to adjust them to civilian environment

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3rd International Conference on Economics and Management Innovations (ICEMI 2018), 30.06.2018 - 01.07.2018, Tajchung, Tajwan

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