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Chinese Business Review

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Chinese Business Review is an international, scholarly and peer-reviewed journal (print and online) published monthly from 2001 to 2018, and published quarterly in 2019. The Journal seeks to bridge and integrate the intellectual, methodological, and substantive diversity of economical scholarship, and to encourage a vigorous dialogue between economical scholars and practitioners. The Journal welcomes contributions which promote the exchange of ideas and rational discourse between practicing educators and economical researchers all over the world. To this end the Journal publishes original articles concerned with the advance of generalized economics throughout the world. It publishes original scientific work related to strategic and applied studies in all aspects of generalized economics, as well as reviews of scientific topics of current generalized economics relevance. The journal is published in English. The e-journal provides free and open access to all of its content on our website. Accepted papers will immediately appear online followed by printed in hard copy. Current columns include: Economics Research, Management Theory and Practice, Experts Forum, Macro or Micro Analysis, Industry Economics, Political Economy, Finance and Financial Management, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Sustainable Development Research, other topics about business and management, etc..

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